Radon Gas Test

Radon Gas Test Albuquerque

Radon Gas Test Albuquerque

A radon gas test requires a professional. Did you know radon levels inside a building can change from day to day? The highest levels of radon are often found during the warmer seasons. Weather conditions, use of furnaces and fireplaces, and opening and closing of windows and doors are factors that cause radon levels to vary.

Types of tests

Short-term test kits provide the fastest results. A kit will remain in the building from two to 90 days, depending on which device is operating. The test must be conducted for at least 48 hours. Because radon levels tend to vary throughout the year, a short-term test is less likely to give an accurate year’s average results.

When conducting a short-term test, it is important to close all windows and outside doors and to keep them closed as much as possible during a test. If testing for only two or three, windows and outside doors must be closed at least 12 hours before beginning the test. Also, tests should not be conducted during severe storms or periods of unusually high winds. Additional testing is usually recommended to understand the average radon level in a home, and long-term tests are often recommended.

Long-term radon gas tests Albuquerque are conducted for longer than 90 days. A long-term test gives a reading for year-round average radon levels of a building. Seasons will cause variations in radon concentration levels so the closer a long-term test measurement is to 365 days the more accurate it can be of annual average radon levels.

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Testing for radon gas

Below the third floor of a building is where the EPA recommends radon testing be conducted. After the test has been conducted in the lowest level of suitable occupancy, it is sent to a laboratory for analysis. Anyone can buy an at-home test kit from a retail or hardware store but should you risk it? Instead, hire a radon gas test Albuquerque professional to test your home. Our radon experts are licensed, registered, and certified. What is a radon gas test to you?

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